Welcome to the diaries of a deranged adolescent

Day 1 - Diary

The 22nd december 2021

Today was a good day. NOT. As I write this at 19:26 , I still have French homework to do. It seems that school is always on my mind. I tried to do a little competitive programming in vain. I ended up getting distracted by the slightest thing thirty minutes later. I have an important test coming up at the end of the week and I do not feel ready yet. However, I feel pretty proud of myself, I read a book and was able to focus on that at least. Did you notice that this is my first post? I have to talk about why I'm doing this or what the fuck I am actually doing right now. I decided that my mind is full of discombabulated thoughts, narratives and polymics and that I needed a place to let it all out. The same day I watched BugsWriter's video on the "old forgotten" internet. I was pretty keen to participate by adding my own bit in the mix. It feels that this day was wasted. For today's song I chose 'Crimewave'. It precisely examplifies my mind when it starts racing with thoughts and there is absolutely no way to stop it. Anyway, that's it for the first day, I'll be adding more functionality to the site soon. One last thing, I need to give you guys a name, I'll call y'all "dunhills". Alright, goodbye little dunhills.